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‘Ensuring Quality’

To develop and improve must be the ‘underpinning theme’ for any organisation. Here at the Tactical Training Centre our aim is to promote and produce ‘quality’ in everything we do. Driving the business is a focus on giving all who attend a learning experience which is valuable, fit for purpose and meets the needs of both the individual and the organisation. An effective ‘quality assurance’ process supports learning an
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Return of Student Officers to the TTC

It has been a number of years since a student officer has had the TTC experience. However, recently whilst working closely with the training departments of both Cleveland Police & Durham Constabulary the benefits of renewing such visits were highlighted and plans put in place to host and welcome student officers to the TTC. The first such visit took place in December when 18 student officers from Durham attended
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Professionalising Police Medics Training

At the TTC we have developed one of the country’s leading advanced medic’s courses for firearms officers. The course has recently been accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care. The Tactical Team Medics (TTM) course builds on the College of Policing requirements for two levels of medics training which are mandatory for various roles within firearms in the UK. Our medic’s t
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Five Reasons to train Post Incident Managers (PIM’s)!

Serious incidents and accidents occur in the workplace which may leave the employer and employee vulnerable to the trauma & stresses related to being involved. Both the employer and employee may become subject to legal jeopardy, either criminally or through the civil courts. Some notable examples that have occurred in the police service are the tragic shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, (Metropolitan Police guil
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Tactical Team Medics Training, Protecting People!

 Our Police Officers are called upon to deal with all kinds of incidents from firearms to domestic incidents, road traffic accidents, assaults and assisting other emergency services.  Due to the nature of our work we tend to be the first people on scene to many incidents and our skills are frequently called upon.  General policing skills are regularly talked about and discussed at all levels, however, some of the thi
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