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100 Metre Indoor Range

8 Lane High Velocity 100 metre  indoor range

The only one of its type in the Europe! It is one of the largest indoor ranges in the UK with a variety of static, moving conventional and projected targets providing superb simulation of operational scenarios.

Our ‘Nito’ Marksman System provides automatic shot marking systems which is accurate to within 1 pixel at 100 metres. The facility guarantees more firing time and less target patching distractions.

We complement this with a state of the art lighting and sound system to simulate live fire scenarios. Imagine the impact of low voltage street lighting, white lights or flashing lights and the variety of sounds such as helicopters, gunshots, screams, etc to take you on to the front line throughout the experience.

The range has a drive on drive off facility at the 25 and 75 metre points. This allows for ‘live fire’ vehicle borne  tactics in ARV, MASTS or close protection training therefore increasing operational realism.

The first 15 metres of the range allows 180 degree shooting. There is also a facility to use conventional ‘Militec’ turning targets and a moving target on a rail system around this area.  The range is approved for calibre up to 7.62 mm.


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