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30 Metre Indoor Range

The 30 Metre indoor range has six lanes and provides live firing through 180 degrees in a variety of scenario types. For example, the Centre has run Close Protection Officer scenarios based in an auditorium, street scenes and other locations.

The 30 metre indoor range ‘First System’™ provides the officer with a realistic environment where a scenario is role played in front of a bank of cameras and projected on a screen in front of the officer.  The officer can interact in the ‘live’ scenario with role actors being filmed in locations around the TTC. The scenario projection will freeze if a shot is fired, allowing the shot placement and justification to be assessed.

The range is supported by a full lighting and sound system allowing the creation of more realistic scenarios.

The range is approved for calibre up to 7.62 mm and has a full width baton gun curtain.

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