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Method of Entry Rig

Moe officer using enforcer on method of  entry rig

The purpose built Method of Entry Rig is a robust structure which allows the repetitive training of forced entry techniques, including kinetic energy, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. There is also a window area allowing for development of glass entry skills. The rig caters for training forced entry on inward, outward, double leaf doors as well as UPVC and PAS 24 security doors.

Supporting the Method of Entry Rig, the TTC has a vast selection of up to date MOE equipment and has been involved in the research and development of operational tools and equipment.

The layout allows the use of the Method of Entry rig as a secondary skills area. It also has an overhead viewing platform and a Hatton door for shotgun breaching.

Externally we provide a metal cutting rig to allow practice using thermic lance, petrol cutters and explosive MOE.

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