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Firearms Training

Live Firearms Training in the 30 metre range

Live Firearms Training in the 30 metre range

The Tactical Training Centre is able to deliver Firearms Training using our two indoor live-fire ranges.

Firearms Training Facilities

Firearms Training can also be carried out using local military ranges.   The 100m range has drive on facility which allows live fire from vehicles to help create a realistic training experience.  The 30m range has an interactive system allowing role play in front of the firer creating a realistic yet safe training environment.

Police Firearms Training Courses

We provide UK Curriculum Compliant Firearms Training to the Police, other law enforcement agencies and the military.  We deliver all forms of Training and Coaching including Medical Training (Advanced), Working at Height, Method of Entry and Command Training.  All of the training is carried out at our unique facility and local military ranges.  For other operational requirements, we can design and delivery training to suit your specific needs.

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