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Our People

Our people are the best in the business. They’re all highly motivated and determined professionals. From arriving until leaving you will enjoy a fantastic experience.

All of our Specialist Trainers are operational firearms officers who have trained or worked as the Close Protection team for the ex-Prime Minister The Right Hon Tony Blair, who resided in this area for his 13 years in office. The trained officers have assisted in the protection of the Royal Family on numerous occasions, and were part of the team protecting The President of The USA, George Bush during his visit to the region in company with Tony Blair.

The TTC Specialist Trainers are nationally qualified police trainers and hold nationally recognised qualifications such as Certificates in Education or the equivalent. These Specialist Trainers are uniquely all IOSH (Institute of Safety & Health) accredited and include members who have completed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Practitioners and Master Practitioners level.

As part of the TTC on-going development there has been investment in training from Nigel Risner, one of the world’s top motivational speakers, Keith Patterson, a leading marketing and business development consultant, Nigel Watson and RPCM Consultants.

The TTC prides itself on adopting an innovative approach to training, which can accommodate both police and other non-police organisations that often wish to develop leadership skills.

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