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The Tactical Training Centre delivers a role specific Tactical Team Medic Course which is approved and accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh -Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.

The course content exceeds the Standard and Enhanced syllabus’ contained in Module D13 of the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum, in delivering a number of additional, approved ‘specialist skills’.

The course is delivered by current Health Care Professionals (Doctors and Paramedics) who have extensive experience in the Pre-Hospital Care environment; both civil and military; including the managment of ballistic and penetrating trauma.

The clinical members of the faculty are supported by appropriately qualified Police Firearms Instructors who are operationally competent Tactical Team Medics.

The training centre has its own ‘Tactical Medical Advisory Group’ (TMAG) consisting of locally based senior clinical staff who provide medical oversight and clinical governance in support of the course.

The course supports the teaching of the theoretical elements through practical scenario based training which reflects operational environments.

Use of remote control patient simulators, live amputee role players and training at a variety of training venues help to enhance realism and allow us to deliver quality focussed trauma care training.

Although the Tactical Team Medic Course is primarily designed to train Firearms Officers, a number of recent successful attendees of the course include Public Order Trained Police Officers and Police Dog Handlers.

This course meets or exceeds the current Police National Information Co-ordination Centre (PNICC) requirements.

Our next Tactical Team Medics Course will be deliverd in March 2017. Enquiries can be made via the contact page.

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