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Method Of Entry

Standard Method of Entry modules include Kinetic Energy Tools, such as the Enforcer and the Hooligan Tool, we can also provide training in the use of hand operated Hydraulic Equipment and other lock defeating tools.  The TTC can provide training in the use of more specialist Method of Entry equipment such as powered Hydraulic Door opening equipment.

Due to the quality of our Method of Entry training facilities and the wide range of MOE equipment the TTC has access to, we can create custom training program’s to suit your organisational needs, to ensure your staff are capable of carrying out their operational MOE tasks effectively and safely.

Realistic Method of Entry Training

We train in house within our purposely designed MOE Rig. During some courses we travel to disused premises to train in order to enhance realism. The TTC enjoys the reputation of being best in class in MOE techniques both within the police force and external agencies.

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