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Initial ARV Course

Initial ARV Course Officers Deployed with a shield

The Tactical Training Centre provides a curriculum compliant Initial ARV Course (Armed Response Vehicle) and refresher training.

This Eleven week Initial ARV Course is a comprehensive Initial fireams course designed  to teach officers who are not current authorised firearms officers.

The Initial ARV Course

During the course our trainers will ensure your people are trained to the highest possible standards using our modern facilities and equipment.  Whether or not a student has any prior knowledge or experience with a firearm, all students who pass this course will be competent to perform the role of ARV officer anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The course is curriculum compliant and is split into two modules – a) 3 weeks shooting and assessment against the National Qualifying standards and b) 8 weeks of tactical training and a further shooting assessment. This ensures students are able to perform the role of ARV officer on successful completion of the course.’

If your requirements differ from this course our excellent team of trainers will be happy to design and deliver a course that is suitable to your needs.

This Initial ARV Course meets or exceeds the current Police National Information Co-ordination Centre (PNICC) requirements.


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