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The Tactical Training Centre (TTC) continues to provide national curriculum compliant Specialist Rifle courses up to Tactical Rifle Officer (TRO) standard. The rifle officer will learn how to use and deploy with the rifle in a multitude of tactical environments both at close and long range and also in an urban or rural environment.

The TTC takes great care to provide the best learning environment and experience for it’s students with emphasis on realistic, scenario based, real world training which is relevant, realistic and dynamic, important factors in an ever changing landscape, threat and risk.

The TTC boasts an 8 lane, 100m drive on 180 degree live fire environment that is perfect for not only achieving a perfect weapon zero, but also caters for shooting from, on and around vehicles but also low and no light shooting. This range has a state of the art integrated computer controlled target system that caters for multi threat, moving targets at varying speeds across all 8 lanes. Next door to the 100m range we have access to a 30m, 180 degree live fire range that can accommodate a ‘First System’ live video link that provides the officer with a realistic, scenario based training event that unfolds in front of the Rifle officer and will freeze the image if a shot is taken. This allows for shot analysis and importantly, assessment for justification.

Local military ranges at Catterick and Strensal allow for not only tactical deployment, but also long range shooting on Gallery, SARTS or Field Fire Ranges. These ranges also allow for valuable practice in scope, windage and elevation adjustment.

Rural areas in the immediate vicinity, together with our on-site ‘skills house’, provide perfect conditions to learn about camouflage and concealment in urban and rural settings.

This challenging and exciting course meets or exceeds the current Police National Information Co-ordination Centre (PNICC) requirements. Be the best that you can be………

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