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Specialist Firearms Officer

Bus02The role of Specialist Firearms Officer combines the roles of Dynamic Search and Mobile Armed Support to Surveillance (MASTS).

During the overt and covert elements of the course you will train in a wide range of environments, which includes buses, buildings and trains.

You will train using the modern unique onsite facilities at the Tactical Training Centre and local external venues.  A significant amount of the surveillance elements will take place in the public domain.

Specialist Firearms Officer Course

During the Specialist Firearms Officer Course you will develop your weapon handling and accuracy whilst training on our indoor live firing ranges.

Both our 100m and 30m indoor range provide the perfect challenging environment in which to take your weapon skills to the next level.

Bus01During the course you will be taught and coached by trained Instructors who are operationally active Specialist Firearms Officers. The surveillance element are taught by trained and operational surveillance instructors.

The DE/DI and MASTS modules can be delivered as the Specialist Firearms Officer Course or as separate modules.



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